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Over the past 18 years, Womensforum has nurtured and grown rich, loyal relationships with some of the most popular and influential bloggers in the online space. Hundreds of trusted voices work closely with Womensforum to share recipes, advice, product reviews, offers and deals, shopping guides, and stories about the ways they live, love and inspire every day.

Their goal is to provide authentic, trusted content for their thousands of readers, social media followers, and fans.


Not every one of Womensforum’s Expert Bloggers is the right fit for every product, but 18 years of experience combined with our wide range of Blogger expertise equips us with the power to find the right fit—to differentiate your brand, engage with your target audience, provide true influence and reach, and persuade consumers to purchase and recommend to thousands more.

Expert Blogger Products: Product reviews; testimonials; product integration; video reviews; experiential event reviews; social media promotions; hosted social media parties and events; and more!

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