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Summer is upon us, which means warmer temperatures, beach weather, and kids who have nothing but spare time on their hands! Lindsay’s Tea Party recently visited Sea World San Diego and our lunch was one of the coolest things we did – it was not just a meal, it was an experience!  It’s a must-do to add to your Summer “Planning List” and kids and adults alike will love it – not only do you get to view orcas up close, you get a wonderful meal as well! My daughter is still talking about the awesome lunch we had when we visited recently.

I am talking about Sea World San Diego’s DINE WITH ORCAS experience! Wow, we had no idea what an awesome Orca encounter this is for the entire family, all while dining on breakfast or lunch. While you are seated at your table, through glass partitions, you are able to see Orcas up close in a comfortable setting.

Here’s how it works. You make reservations before your visit to Sea World San Diego, and once you’re on site, you enjoy a delicious chef-crafted meal on a private poolside patio next to Orca whales. You and your family and friends select the items you would like to eat in a buffet like setting. My daughter chose chicken nuggets and pasta and loved every bite!

The delicious buffet features bacon & sausage, eggs, oatmeal, toast and other breakfast favorites, and includes sustainable, organic, seasonal or locally-grown ingredients.


The delicious buffet features strip loin, chicken, salmon, salads, pasta, sides and much more, and includes sustainable, organic, seasonal or locally-grown ingredients.
Both breakfast and lunch feature the opportunity for you to experience majestic killer whales up-close from our private, poolside patio. A trip to SeaWorld San Diego would not be complete without this immersive and memorable family dining experience. While you eat, you’ll learn about what makes killer whales such unique animals from the staff behaviorists.
 As the Editor of LTP, I participate in review opportunities and I then share as I see fit. All opinions expressed are that of Lindsay’s Tea Party and are honest and reflect my actual real life experiences. I would like to extend a special thank you to Dave and his staff at SeaWorld San Diego for the opportunity to share SeaWorld San Diego’s wonderful programs with Lindsay’s Tea Party (LTP) readers. We appreciate what SeaWorld does to educate and inspire our youth helping to grow up with both knowledge of and a great appreciation for these majestic animals.


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